Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's the time of the season....

Funny how time changes everything. My many tomato plants that were struggling in the heat of August ago are perking up a little now with the cooler evening weather to encourage them on. It's all for naught, however, as the fruit they set at this stage of the game will never have a chance to ripen. But if the energy arises in me, they will make good tomato relish.

In another part of the garden, some 150 tomato plants didn't go into the ground until July 1 are now in a race with nature to deliver their bounty before cool weather thickens the skins and mushes the flesh of their ripening fruit. Some have already won this race but others appear to be in a dead heat with Mother Nature.

The fall comes on cruelly: As the weather cools, pests multiply more quickly and plentifully. Witness the fruit flies exploding upon a split tomato or the white flies multiplying under the spreading leaves of zucchini, which are also fighting a losing battle against powdery mildew. And the stately okra plants, some now seven-feet tall, are beset with aphids on the youngest flowers, something that didn't happen a month ago when the days were longer and hotter and the nights stayed in the 60s.

Summer is losing it's battle. I just hope it will put up the good fight until Nov. 1 .....

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