Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter's coming on strong and so are my thoughts about the spring

I'm hoping to have delicious artichokes by mid-May, along with Fava beans, onions, shallots, beets and radishes. Maybe some potatoes, too. And a limited supply of blackberries. Probably have a little chicory, too, along with some other greens. Rapini, anyone? Maybe I'll really get the roadside stand going next spring. That would be fun!

The cold weather kind of slows me down and turns my brain to thinking: What about changing the name of the business? I have some ideas for a new name and they all have "farm" in the title. If I make a change, it would be to my little plot of increasingly organic soil a name. Something to reflect the love of the land and the creatures that dwell thereon, of which there are many.

Accepting all suggestions.

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