Saturday, January 12, 2013

Coyote spotting on a frosty morn

Lucy, Goldie and Crooked Tail
Sioux-z let the chickens out early today, barely after sunrise, then came back in to work on some laundry. Looking out the window while folding washcloths, she saw a coyote trotting west in our neighbor's backyard, then all of a sudden it stood still. She called and I came over. It took awhile to spot the wily coyote, who was still motionless. We watched for what seemed like two minutes and the next thing we see is the coyote's hunting partner, further away along a fence line. Eventually the one closest to our chickens headed out toward the other and the immediate crisis was over. Of course, we're wondering how many times that pair of coyotes has passed by without us noticing them. Seems chickens have something in common us: We both live in an uncertain world.

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