Friday, February 8, 2013

Scrambled, not stirred

Whew! For the last couple of weeks life on the farm has revolved around getting a greenhouse built and finishing a chicken coop (not pictured). Now the two are done and we are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Having a greenhouse makes it easier to start young plants and guess what? Now is the time! This particular greenhouse is a little more than eight feet wide and about 22 feet long, enough to do most of our starts, possibly more. It's got thermostatically controlled circulation fan, exhaust fan and air intake. When the weather warms up, it will wear a coat of shade cloth. It probably will require a swamp cooler to be effective for starting fall plants this August ... we'll see about that when the time comes. Now the job is to seal up all the dozens of tiny air vents around the polycarbonate sheets and get some spring veggies in the hopper. Oh yeh, and the chicken coop? It's going to house a group of about 30 Marans hens, a rare French breed that lays the darkest brown eggs of any chicken on Planet Earth. And don't tell anyone, because what you are about to read is a closely guarded secret of MI-5, the famed British intelligence agency, but this is the breed that produces the favored egg of secret agent number 007, i.e., James Bond! Shhhhhh!

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