Sunday, March 31, 2013

Excuse the interruption

There have been a lot of things to post, but somehow updating to the latest version of Mountain Lion, the Apple operating system, has made it more of a challenge, and frankly, I've got enough challenges on hand getting ready for a new planting without having to sit down and stare at a computer screen for untold hours. In fact, that's it: It's always an open-ended proposition when you sit down to figure out something new on a computer, and some level of frustration is a guarantee. Hell, you're already frustrated because you can't do what you used to do by just typing it in and then hitting a button.  All because you bought a new photo program, in this case an Apple app called "Aperture" so you could help a friend figure out how to do some special effect and then, after you pay good money for the program, you find it won't work unless you have a newer operating system on the computer. In fact the newest iteration is required. So you spend hours downloading the new system via your feeble 3G connection (that's life in the country) and then discover you can't post to your blog anymore because  it always come up "error" when you push the button. And to top it off, the friend hasn't taken up your offer to help with the special effects. Needless to say, situations like this are good for my land because it sends me directly outside, pulling weeds, tilling soil, thinning beets .... anything but staring at a computer screen. So if this post is up, that means I am making progress and I will try a more meaningful post tomorrow, with a picture, maybe? Cross your fingers!

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