Friday, April 5, 2013

Coming soon ....

It was inevitable. Eventually the name Whaley Heirloom Veggies became a little too flawed to keep. The main problem is that it sounds more like a wholesaler than a farm. And pretty soon (well, sometime this year) we will be adding eggs to our offering. Beautiful dark, brown eggs from Black Copper Marans chickens. The problem is, eggs are not vegetables. And chickens, if we butcher any, are not vegetables, either. So a name change was called for. But what to call this shoestring operation? Well, there's this fabulous chorus of tiny frogs on the property that we have totally fallen in love with, so we are going to build a pond to help them better survive. And so, presto chango, Whaley Heirloom Veggies will morph into, ta da,  Singing Frog Farm. We filed the paperwork in Yuba City yesterday and set up ads to run in the Marysville Appeal-Democrat on the next four successive Wednesdays. Now we will have to change the words on the logo, get new checks from the bank and add our little friend into the logo somewhere to complete the process. Wow, a lot of work to do .... guess I better hop to it!

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