Friday, May 9, 2014


Young tomatoes spend their first day in a new field at Singing Frog Farm, above, while newly potted up Rosa Bianca Eggplant stretch out a bit in their new confines on the veranda, awaiting eventual transplant into the garden. At bottom, three rows of newly sprouted cucumbers are protected by Agribon to keep the dreaded cucumber beetle at bay until the plants are established.

Five months ago, winter ruled. Ice broke pipes and frost withered leaves. Now a new world is upon us. Seeds have sprouted and all manner of living things are flourishing.  The promise of a great harvest shines bright. It's like the beginning of a season for a sports team: The sky is the limit. It's a time to enjoy the boundless hope the earth gives us free each spring as we tilt a little more away from the sun and enjoy longer days. This year, there seems more wonder at how warm we will get, how much change our environment will go through. How much will water tables drop? Will it be too hot for grapes in Napa? Too hot for tomatoes in Sacramento? Too dry for rice? Or will it be a wonderful summer, mild and encouraging to our basket of crops? Ah, the joy of spring.

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