Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is a Bishops Crown?

Above you can see a picture of my favorite pepper plant, the Bishops Crown. It's basically a sweet pepper with a hint of heat, mainly in the seeds and ribs. A picture of it is at right. I believe this plant comes from the Caribbean because of its growth habits. Whoever named the pepper "Bishops Crown" knows more about Catholic headgear than me. That's because I always thought that the little red hat that the pepper looks like is the zucchetto (below, right), but I've only seen members of the College of Cardinals -- you know, the dudes that pick the pope -- wear that gear. Bishops, on the other hand,  typically wear a mitre, above left, at certain points during public liturgies. To me that would be their "Crown". So it makes me wonder who it was that named this beautiful little pepper the Bishops Crown. All of this, of course, is beside the point, which is to say that this delicate pepper, with its fruity taste and hint of heat is a fabulous addition to soups, pot roasts, salsas, salads and -- my personal favorite -- scrambled eggs. And I can't wait until late August when we will start harvesting them!

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