Friday, January 9, 2015

Ready, willing and able

Eugene's dad brought his bee's back to my place this weekend. His timing was great. Two weeks earlier and he would not have been able to get them on the property due to floodwater. And I had no way to contact him! He's a jovial Russian guy about my age. Well, his bees are most helpful in pollinating some vegetable crops, like cucumbers, squash and melons. And of course they LOVE sunflowers and lots of the other blooms we grow. I expect he'll haul his hard-working bees off to an almond orchard for a few weeks at some point this spring where a farmer will pay a pretty penny to help insure a good crop and then he'll probably take them all the way home later in the summer, particularly if it's dry again this year. He lives quite a bit further north where spring hits a little later. By the way, if my head was see-through (my wife sometimes thinks it is) you could see that he brought two lines of bee hives this year, not just the one along the fence line.

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