Sunday, January 4, 2015

The winter of our discontent

Every winter provides new challenges and for farmers, and the rain and freezing weather of this winter have not let this farmer down. In fact, the massive storms that pounded our parched region for a good two weeks left my place flooded. At left is the low spot at Singing Frog Farm before and after the storms. All that water didn't just evaporate, either. It needed help to move on down the line. But that's not all. Significant portions of planting plots ended up sitting in water for a goodly number of days, then suffering through three nights of freeze one of which had my thermometer sitting at 23 degrees. The result is seen in the before and after pics up one of my planting plots. Before the storms, green and healthy and after the storms flooding and freezes, brownish and struggling.  Let's hope for some warm weather to help it green up again before I plow it into the soil. So the deluge's positive impact at Singing Frog Farm may be to expedite creation of a retention pond to hold all that water ... a pond that just might be a good place to put some fish and crawdads, and which could be     ringed by native flowers and grasses, providing a permanent home for some very special little singing frogs! It's times like these that make one yearn for the warmer weather which hopefully is already on its way. Rows of tomatoes, corn, cukes, peppers, potatoes. In between dealing with the ravages of winter we've been plotting a bounteous spring and summer and are chomping at the bit to get back to the farmers markets. So here's to the New Year. May it be even more bounteous than the last.

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