Friday, March 10, 2017


This is the best-looking tray, the only struggler is on the lower left, but even so, it does have a bit of life in it.
On Day 5 of Singing Frog Farm's grafting 101 experiment, it appears we may have a 75% success rate. Of the 36 grafted plants, 28 seem to be lively enough to continue, especially if it only gets better from here. Eight look like they'll not make it out of their "hospital." Like for some reason the vascular systems just did not hook up and all that misting and spraying was not enough to keep the "scion" alive. A couple of observations: I did notice that the scions looked better yesterday afternoon, after a good soaking of the rootstock and the addition of plastic shelters over the trays, which would increase humidity. These plants are in trays that drain, so they don't stand in water for prolonged periods. FARM NOTES: We planted almost 300 cabbages yesterday ... and covered them in agribon so the jackrabbits won't be able to eat them. Today we're putting in lettuce, zucchini, and maybe some chard.
This tray's plants are faring a bit worse, with seven that look like they will not come back. We'll know in the next 2 days.

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