Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Three weeks into the grafting experiment .... and voila!!

Our original graftees have grown into handsome, ready to plant, survivors of our grafting experiment.
These guys were grafted a couple of weeks later. Looking' good!

Lots of mostly tomato plants just emerging from seed stage
You can hardly see it, but that's our first graft of a true heirloom.
Grafting tomatoes is no snap. But with a little perseverance and attention to detail, we are conquering the process. We've had our failures, sure, but successes outnumber them. Currently we are getting better than a 75% survival rate on grafted tomatoes as our skill level improves and we figure out what's important in the process.  At left are a later batch of graftees. Coming along nicely. We have all kinds of great plants in the works, from herbs to veggies, to flowers. Many of them will end up growing on our farm and getting to you at farmers markets and maybe in a restaurant you stop at to eat.
We hope to make our first appearance at a farmers market by the beginning of May and we will be looking forward to seeing you there. We'll probably kick off the year with rhubarb, spring onions, spring garlic and some young plants to try in your own garden. And some surprises. Enjoy the great weather and abundance of water! See you at market!!

Exotic tomatoes started from Wild Boar Farms' seeds.

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